I will gladly approve your comment as long as it is:

1. Respectful

2. Relevant to my post

3. Genuine

That holds true even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say in said comment.


However, this is my blog, you are not a captive audience, and it is entirely up to my discretion what sort of information will or will not be shown here.

I do not feed the trolls.

I will not post your comment if it is highly confrontational. Remember that “respectful” bit? I get that I’m talking about controversial things here, but keep in mind that this blog is intended as a resource for survivors of sexual assault and people who want to understand it better. I have to put up with enough slut-shaming/victim-blaming in real life, and I will not be tolerant of it here.

Regardless, I do read every comment that comes through, so rest assured that even if I don’t deem it appropriate for my readers to see, I’ve read and considered it.


On a slightly different note, I love suggestions. Suggestions make the world go round. Seriously, I can’t always think of something to post on, so if you ever have anything you’d want addressed, please feel free to let me know! I’d be happy to work with just about any topic relating to the blog’s general theme. Questions, concerns, whatever. If you’d like it to remain anonymous as well, I can definitely work with that.


Thanks for your understanding,