I was very, very happy to see this on CNN.com today. It’s a strange coincidence that it comes so soon after my own post on the subject, but for whatever reason (maybe the Sandusky trial?), this issue is currently important enough to make the front page of a major news website.

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.

I think back to my own childhood, which I mentioned in some detail in my last post, and I wish so much that my own parents had read and taken to heart an article like this one. Okay, sure, maybe this article isn’t going to change the minds of everyone who reads it, or even most people. But I like to think – or hope – that some parents out there will take this information to heart. And that’s such a big deal to me. I know, firsthand, tthe surprising amount of damage that forcing  physical affection at a young age can lead to. Especially when it continues, year after year after year.



Mz. Katia Hetter, thank you so much for bringing this to light in a more mainstream fashion than I could ever hope to do…and thank you even more for raising your daughter in a way that respects her right to bodily autonomy. Hats off to you.