Hello, fair readers.


I just wanted to give a big, official YOU’RE AWESOME to everyone who has shared links to, commented on, or followed this blog so far. First of all, it means a ton to me that people have found this helpful enough to share; and even more, that by putting it out there more, they made it easier for other people who might benefit to find my ramblings. While a lot of the things I cover here are personal bullshit, there are also elements (a la “reactions people should not have” and so on) that I feel like society as a whole needs to be reminded of more often. So whenever someone helps out with that, it’s a pretty exciting thing to me.


Also, I happen to get all “AWWWWW” over the blog getting attention, which makes me feel pretty awesome, especially when everything feels shitty (the Other Girls insists that I am merely a “feedback enthusiast”, whereas I can think of some more crass words to use for it! Hahaha).


Once again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Every share, link, and follow means a ton to me.