But, to me, it is very related.

Trigger warning: self-harm related image after the jump.



I haven’t really so much made a concerted effort to “quit” as just tried to get myself through on a day-to-day basis. And then I looked up the other day and realized oh, hey, it’s been about a month now. That’s new, to say the least.

I don’t know if I’m proud of it, or if I feel anything about it at all, really. I just know I need to last about another two weeks on it, because I want to last until after my birthday, and after my mom and I get back from DisneyWorld.


I also hope that I can manage to find enough tie-on bracelets to cover what needs to be covered during that time.



Self-injury is a common reaction to rape, though mine started before. That’s all a story for another time, because right now I am exhausted and need to finish studying for a macroeconomics midterm. I guess I just felt the need to share this with somebody, for whatever reason my sleep-deprived brain has come up with.