Why such liberal use of the word “rape”?

No, seriously.

Someone explain this to me.


Who the fuck, ever, decided it was okay to refer to totally unrelated things as Rape?


How can someone jokingly say “tell her to stop RAPING me!” while being tickled by her friend?

Why do people say “holy shit, that boss just totally RAPED me” during a video game?

Since when is “mouth RAPE” an acceptable brand name for extra-spicy beef jerky?


Know what’s really terrifying about this phenomenon, to me? It’s not the blatant disregard for the feelings of any potential rape victims who might overhear. Hell, it’s not even the fact that any sort of rape joke is in bad taste and offensive no matter what the context.


No, it’s the fact that this abstract, incorrect, broad version of the word “rape” has gained enough momentum on its own to actually be fucking incorporated into the vernacular without anyone blinking an eye.

Confront somebody about a rape joke or similar off-color comment, and their reaction will likely be Gee I’m Sorry But You Know I Didn’t Mean That Kind Of Rape.


That kind of rape.


I wasn’t aware there was another kind. I wasn’t aware that there was a kind of rape that was comparable to losing a video game, or doing poorly on a test, or being tickled, or eating spicy food. Pardon my ignorance. See, I was under the impression that every kind of rape was like, you know, RAPE.

I have never been left on a bloody tile floor with semen drying on my stomach because I lost a video game.

I have never had someone tell me to “bite the pillow and take one for the team” when I cried because doing poorly on a test felt like it was splitting me in half from the inside out.

I have never been left feeling filthy, used, and worthless by being ticked.


Fuck you if you think you have the right to, even jokingly, compare any of these things to rape.


Fuck you for indirectly telling every victim in the room that what he or she experienced was nothing worse than a bite of spicy beef jerky or a mild invasion of personal space.


This is why I throw up in my mouth a little every time I hear someone complain that “getting your picture taken without consent is like rape!” or “oh my gosh, my boyfriend was totally eye-raping me when I showed him how I looked in that sexy lingerie!”.


NO. Just no.


Fuck you.


The only thing that is like rape is rape.